Ninja! The Amazing Culinary Skills of the Chef
Yeah, don't pretend that you never wanted those stylish ninja skills that all the chefs seem to have... you won't fool me; I know you've wanted to be able to chop vegetables at super-sonic speeds and toss stir frys like a pro ever since you were a kid...

...well here's your chance!

Consider this your training acadamy where you will learn all the skills necessary to become a true master of the kitchen. It is here that you will learn not just the secret skills of the chef, but where you will also learn speed, safety and hopefully a level of culinary competence that will stay with you for life.

Just remember that the acquisition of skill takes time and practice. Don Pepe will show you the techniques, methods and artistry of the kitchen....

....but it is up to you to persevere and to put these skills into practice.

Expect to make mistakes, every novice chef will blunder with a newly acquired skill, however with repetition and practice you will slowly begin to reap the benefits and hopefully over time you will progress to become a skilled chef. (Or a culinary ninja!)

The links on the right will lead you to the relevant skill sets.

Ninja Skills:
Knife Skill: Slicing
Cake Making
Sugar Work
Wok Skills
Rolling Pin Skills
Poached Eggs
Understanding Wine
Leaves, Salads and Herbs
Pancakes and Omelettes
White Sauce
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