Welcome to Cooking4Chumps
Cooking 4 Chumps is more than an easy to follow cook book; its been designed to improve your skills whether you are a chef, cook or enthusiastic amateur.

Each recipe is broken down in the simplest of terms and contains a series or step-by-step images that even a chump can follow. The fool in all the photos on the far right of the screen is Don Pepe and although he's probably London's naughtiest chef he's also the dude that's going to be your greatest help in the kitchen.

Each recipe contains (obviously) a list of measured ingredients. As your chef skills progress you should begin to feel confident enough to change, alter and switch ingredients to suit your own personal taste.

The only time a recipe shouldn't be tampered with concerns all baking recipes. Baking is a precise science and only the most competent of chefs (those who understand the methods and science behind each dish) should tamper with the ingredients and measurements of a cake, cookie or brownie recipe.

'Mise en place' is the required preparation of the ingredients and utensils that are to be used within each recipe and must be accomplished before the actual cooking can start. 'Mise en place' is vitally important and will help the chef to smoothly and easily complete each recipe with the minimum of hassle and headache.

(Mise en place, for the accomplished chef is more than simple preparation; it is a state of mind. As your skills improve you will be able to handle several recipes at once, it is your mental state or understanding of 'mise en place' that will allow you to judge which ingredients need more preparation, more cooking time and will allow you to allocate and time the cooking method so that each task seamlessly and easily merges with the next.)

This is it! Once you have accomplished your preparation you can begin cooking. Each step will described in the simplest of terms (so easy that even a chump could follow it!) and on the right of each recipe you will find a series of images that clearly shows each step as it unfolds.

Once you have made a dish or sauce more often than not you will want to adjust the flavours and consistencies to suit your tastes. This is the section that will help you to accomplish this

Presentation, while of course being vital, is also an individual expression of taste and style. If, however, you are not confident or accomplished in this area of cooking this section will help you to arrange or 'plate' a dish to a high level of presentation. Always check the photos and images on the right for more insight

Chef Tip:
If there are any relevant tips or tricks of the trade that will help you cook the dish, you will find them here.

Cowboy Tricks:
Cowboy tricks are sneaky, crude and of course never to be admitted to. However there are always times in the kitchen when we're under extra pressure, or we need to fix an error with all due haste, it is here in the 'Cowboy tricks' section that you will find the help that you need

Chef Insight:
Check here for useful or interesting information regarding the dish, ingredients or culinary history relevant to the recipe

Science behind the dish:
For those of you with a need for more insight this section will help you to understand the science involved in cooking. What is more, for those really eager to learn this section will truly help you to earn a rounded understanding of the culinary arts.

introductory photo
Each recipe will have an introductory photo showing you the dish in question
'Mise en place'
'Mise en place' is the preparation required before cooking can commence. In this case peeling the pears.
The 'method' contains, step-by-step and easy to follow cooking instructions.
The 'adjust' section will show you how to alter a finished dish so that it's flavours suit your taste
'Chef tips'
'Chef tips' are time saving techniques and skills that will help you to improve as a chef
'chef insight'
The 'chef insight' will teach you about an ingredient, cooking technique or give you a 'look in' on culinary history